Renal Hypertension/High BP


Renovascular hypertension, or simply renal hypertension, is a condition in which the arteries carrying blood to your kidneys become narrow, elevating your blood pressure.

Symptoms of renal hypertension may include worsening high blood pressure that is too tough to control, sudden kidney damage, sudden fluid buildup inside your lungs (pulmonary edema), and narrowing of the arteries to your legs, eyes, brain, and other body parts. 

Our healthcare professionals will check your blood pressure regularly to see if it’s within the normal range, and may also recommend blood tests or imaging tests. If you are already on high blood pressure medications, we will check if the amount and the type of the medicine need changing from time to time. 

Disclaimer: Lab tests are not done in our clinic, but you can consult our nephrologists for your lab reports.


Manage and treat your renal hypertension at Nephrology Consultants, P.A. We are present in various locations in Delaware.