Kidney Transplant


A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure to remove a kidney from one person and place it in another person's body. The kidney may come from a deceased donor or from a living donor.

When Do You Need a Kidney Transplant?


When your kidneys can no longer function properly to filter out harmful waste materials and fluids, these waste products accumulate in your body. This can result in a rise in your blood pressure, as well as kidney failure (also known as end-stage renal disease). End-stage renal disease, or ESRD, happens when kidneys lose their functioning ability by almost 90%.

People suffering from end-stage renal disease need to get the waste materials removed from their bloodstream, either through the process of dialysis or by kidney transplantation, in order to remain alive. Compared to a lifetime on dialysis, though, a  renal transplant is often the preferred treatment option for kidney failure.

Our Process


Our highly-skilled kidney care associates at Nephrology Consultants adopt a precise process to help you feel at ease. Here's how we work:

  • Referring you to the leading kidney transplant centers in Delaware.
  • Helping you in getting listed for the transplant. 
  • Explaining the procedure to you. The transplant center will first perform a series of tests to evaluate your eligibility for the transplant. After the kidney transplant surgery, they may recommend medications and a strict diet.
  • Supporting you and your family through the entire process.


Access the most considerate kidney transplant consultation and care at Nephrology Consultants, P.A. We are present in various locations in Delaware.